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Diary of a mother - Let My Children Go! Wendy Titelman

A friend gave me this book and said. "When you are finished reading, call me and tell me what you think" When I started reading the first chapter, I had no idea how the theme would be intimate and difficult. As I kept reading, I found myself talking out loud and stop and lay down the book, can not in some places, the subject was very difficult to read.

I am the mother of a young daughter and could never imagine a time withoutthem. Through legal maneuvering, well-paid psychiatrist, representatives appointed by the court, and the latest tactic in divorce, with PAS or parental alienation syndrome, although physical evidence of molestation of children, lost custody of her children. The mother in this magazine has been jailed several times and has been permanently deprived of his parental rights, just for trying to protect their children from incest.

In 1980, a child psychiatrist by the name of Gardnerthe idea that the target parent, parents who hates the child, the custodial parent. The custodial parent should be deprived of parental care, because they can not control the feelings of the child, and a lack of affection that the child is in the direction of non-custodial parent may improve if the child and the parents concerned have the opportunity to repair their relationship through the community continues. This theory would be nice if it was not conclusive medical evidencethat a minor child has been deflowered, raped, sexually harassed, etc., by someone. In addition, the non-custodial parent, that the misconduct has been criticized, and he was the only one who had contact with the child, and had a tool that can do this type of damage, Dad. Why the child's return to the child molester?

This mother chronicles her journey through a bitter marriage, stepchildren rebel suspected of infidelity is not alone, but incest between her husband andStepdaughter.

Money is really the root of all evil, when it reversed the justice, and that man can acquire the right to sole custody in spite of having committed a heinous crime on the laws of this country.

There are no unsolved crimes with God's justice will prevail! The cry of the voice in the wilderness was heard over the centuries.

Celebrity Biographies - Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith was Vicki Lynn Marshall, was born on 28 November 1967. She married J. Howard Marshall, a senior executive in the oil industry, the great public interest is due to the large age difference of 63 years. He denied accusations that he only married the man for his money. After the death of her husband, was Anna Nicole Smith, the family of Mr Marshall said the wealth. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court ON

Anna Nicole Smith was born inHouston. She was the only child of Donald Eugene Hogan and Virgie Mae Taber. His parents divorced early in her life and she eventually was raised by her mother and aunt Elaine Taber is also the wife of his mother's brother Melvin Taber.

Anna Nicole Smith attended Durkee Elementary School and Aldine High School, both in Houston, Texas. When Anna Nicole in the 9th class, has been entrusted to the care of his mother's younger sister, who lived in Mexia, Texas. Here isHe attended high school, but it broke during the first year.

Soon after, he took a job waitressing in a small restaurant called Jim Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia. Anna Nicole Smith married a man named Billy Wayne Smith, was a cook at the restaurant itself. She was pregnant with her first son named Daniel Wayne Smith. In 1993, he filed for divorce from Anna Nicole and her son returned to Houston. After moving back to his hometown, tookto work a job at Wal-Mart next to some maid. It was during this period, she began modeling and singing classes to take. Finally, they auditioned for Playboy, that the board dive was proverbial for his career.

It was recorded by Hugh Hefner to issue in March 1992, and appeared on the front page. In 1993 she became the model of choice for the Guess clothing company. Marriage to Marshall While Anna has appeared in a Houston strip club, he metSeniors oil industry billionaire J. Marshall and their relationship ended in marriage in 1997.

In 2007 his eldest son died, and gave birth to her second child. In the same year, Anna Nicole collapsed and died in a Florida hotel. Accidental overdose was later identified as the cause of his death has ruled.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About Biographies - Diego Maradona

In Spain it is quite common to read and see the works translated. A film is often called. This is what I'm thinking while reading this book.

It 'hard to write this book, the biographer, politics and football supporters. In particular, about the soccer game: you are for or against. Barcelona or Madrid, Manchester or Liverpool, or in this case, Argentina or England.

This is what I think of this book, it says to those who are in favorArgentina and Maradona, and those against him and they are.

This is a book of political, social and religious. The first chapter is called "resurrection". It 'also on politics, the Falklands War in 1982 and this is football. So the image of Diego Maradona is outlined.

In the introduction to this biography the author writes about the time that slips into a depression, in parallel with what happened with Maradona at that time. The importance of thisThe revelation is more important than I initially thought. I keep wondering why they feel depressed at the end of this biography. He realized what he did? And 'I wonder?

The biography was never approved by Maradona, but that happens a lot. However, the products can be very interesting. This work has been prepared with care, but it is clear from those who would wonder, digested, "Who is the author of this work, Jimmy Burns. WhatPart is? "

He turns out to be English and Spanish roots, and that the first problem. This is the second problem is that the link was too much in a single work: politics, social life and religion.

The Argentine fan does not accept the result, and Burns is quite open about it in his introduction.

"In England," he writes, "people would love it if a foreigner writing about Charles and Diana." But Argentina has not seen it. I thinkfeel betrayed.

The conflict starts from the beginning, with the subtitle: the hand of God? Or is the title itself. And "The Life of Diego Maradona," the subtitle? The author has forgotten his past when he did this in Mexico, when Argentina played against England?

The fact that Burns has Spanish roots (he was born in Madrid) does not change the fact that the biography is not accepted in South America. Spain is as much a rival as the UK isArgentina.

The religious center makes it less credible. Football and religion form a stable couple, but also an explosive couple. Why is the book with religious themes, like "Resurrection" structured ", gave birth to a child", and "the temple", is what I wonder. The hand of God from the first phrase you learn the basic premise: This is the story of a player who thought he was God and suffered as a result. "

The explicit message makes you wonder. How he was able tosafe? Or let me rephrase this, it might be suffered for other reasons. Or if he is God, if he wants to start thinking about that?

But this and many other issues no longer count, the sentence had been sentenced ...

The point of social, political and religious views, the work more challenging and less universal. Either you like the idea or not. They are both on the British side of the Falklands War or the Falklands war the Argentine side of the same. Youbelieve what he writes about the Argentine culture, about their "hero" Martin Fierro about their language and the role of "deception" or think that everything is fiction and the so-called "Fair Play" laughed the United Kingdom.
In line with this, it is possible that the actual content of calcium and the person is not given by Maradona. There are enough interesting content to Pele and Cruyff and Burns' his opinion on the technical qualities of Maradona.


And this is myReview. When it comes to the life of Maradona, I prefer not "film" subtitle, but the real thing, reading from the field and not by a foreign journalist. To read from a native speaker, or worse, someone from Uruguay, was an Argentine citizen. This is why I prefer "I am Diego" by Daniel Arcucci and Ernesto Cherquis Biala. With the risk that more than a biography autobiography, but the conclusion would be the same? As a judge, I would like most people, theBenefit of the doubt.

Not God, only Diego.


Charles Bukowski - Ham sandwich

Ever heard of Charles Bukowski? He was a German-American poet and writer who hated everyone and everything except cigarettes, alcohol and prostitutes. Ham sandwich is a semi-autobiographical novel (as amended in relation to their lives, but with some names and details), which follows the character of Henry Chinaski, as he continues to grow up in Los Angeles in difficult times.

The book begins, as he is a child. It details the abuse he got from his father, and you can see how this affectshim. He hated his father, actually hated him, and he seemed to hate everyone else too.

When he grew up, he discovered that he usually did not like the company of others. He also realized that he did not stand much chance with women, mainly because of his severe acne pimples. But as he grew up, got stronger, and soon the father could not compete with him.

He had an epiphany, when discovered alcohol. He felt invincible, untouchable. As a result, they were late adolescence and young adult yearsChaotic descent into drunken, decadent behavior. All she wanted to do was get drunk and cause trouble.

I found this book to be funny, and written in a very direct, simple, which I found refreshing. You can see quite sad really, how many things are so bad for him, and how hard life really was for him. There are funny parts, but my overwhelming feeling when I finished the book, "Poor guy ..."

Mystic Development - the disease is accompanied

The achievement of American Indian shamans have a disease, a serious illness at times: it is a common thread in their biographies, as well as in the biographies of famous mystic saints. You do not become a shaman or a saint of illness, a part of your spiritual formation is a stage of development of common mortals, are always in progress. * It can be assumed that the disease comes first, and really, a person in a different mood, as ifyou have a fever for months that it is simply because a part of fate. * It can be assumed that the concentration of body awareness "out there" of the system and produces symptoms tribe happens to fit. * You can also hypothesize that diseases predispose a person to give spiritual consciousness, *, or even that the reorganization in the brain (when you start intense spirituality) generated indirectly diseases. Research in this speculation is unlikely. L 'Individuals in this section are not sick to begin with people, go through a period of discomfort and eventually pass out of it.

Plan for Life disorders of various types, how to turn off the main street of the collective consciousness on the spiritual path to go Expressway. She will always be someone else, while taking care of your normal working hours, who have enough to do. Plan, but also for the case forced downtime, like you, after all.

After the BabyBorn, you forget the pain.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Espionage and suspense writer Robert Ludlum, author of biographies

At first Robert Ludlum began working on Broadway as an actor and then as a producer. He jokes that have been collected since the good actors in the armed forces, has had difficulty acting jobs. He also served in the Marines about how a soldier from 1945 to 1947.

Robert was a television star in 1950 with more than 200 dramas. He was a producer on the North Jersey Playhouse in 1957 and opened the Playhouse-on-the-Mall in Paramus in 1960.It is estimated that he wrote 300 plays.

Robert Ludlum was born in May 25,1,927 thousand in New York City, New York, but spent most of his childhood in New Jersey. His father, George Hartford Ludlum, a businessman, died when Robert was only seven years.

Robert was educated privately and at the Cheshire Academy, Connecticut. He has participated in high school plays, even if he really wanted a football quarterback.

Robert graduated in 1951 at WesleyanUniversity of Connecticut in Middleton. Robert and Mary Ryducha actress, married in 1951 and had three children. In 1970 he bought a country house on Long Island and a second home in Florida.

Although Robert Ludlum was a "closet writer" for many years, it was not until the age of 40 years who has always bored the entertainment world, he began writing his first novel. To support his family during this period has voice output.

Roberts' first novel, The Scarlatti inheritance "waspublished in 1971, after ten and waste was a best-seller immediately. He says that everyone has a story to tell, to write this novel is easy for him. The second novel has been more difficult.

Robert writes violent, quick books. And his letter says: "He captured the imagination of his readers from the front pages and keeps them immersed in history."

He died March 12, 2001. A ghost writer has continued his work. This notice was published as "The Tristan Betrayal", "Fromhis death, the estate of Robert Ludlum, an author and editor carefully selected to prepare and edit this work work for publication. "

Books by Robert Ludlum:


Road To
The Road to Gandolfo (1975) (with Michael Shepherd)
The road to Omaha (1992)

Matarese Dynasty
The Matarese Circle (1979)
The Matarese Countdown (1997)

The Bourne Identity (1980)
The Bourne Supremacy (1986)
The Bourne Ultimatum (1990)
The BourneLegacy (2004) (w / Eric Van Lustbader)
Bourne Betrayal (2007) (w / Eric Van Lustbader)
The penalty Bourne (2008) (w / Eric Van Lustbader)
The Bourne Deception (2009) (w / Eric Van Lustbader)
The objective Bourne (2010) (w / Eric Van Lustbader)
The reality Bourne (2011) (w / Eric Van Lustbader)
The Bourne Trilogy (omnibus) (2003)
The second Bourne Trilogy (omnibus) (2009) (w / Eric Van Lustbader)

The Hades Factor (2000) (w / Gayle Lynds)
KassandraCompact (2001) (w / Phillip Shelby)
The option of Paris (2002) (w / Gayle Lynds)
The Altman Code (2003) (w / Gayle Lynds)
The Lazarus Vendetta (2004) (w / Patrick Larkin)
The vector of Moscow (2005) (w / Keith Farrell, Patrick Larkin)
The Arctic Event (2007) (w / James H. Cobb)
The deal Infinity (2009) (w / James H. Cobb)

Stand Alone Novels:
Scarlatti Inheritance (1970)
The Osterman Weekend (1972)
The Matlock Paper (1973)
Trevayne (1973) (as JonathanRyder)
The cry of the Halidon (1974) (as Jonathan Ryder)
The exchange Rhinemann (1974) (as Jonathan Ryder)
The Gemini Contenders (1976)
The Chancellor Manuscript (1977)
The Holcroft Covenant (1978)
The Parsifal Mosaic (1982)
The Aquitaine Progression (1984)
The Icarus Agenda (1988)
The Scorpio Illusion (1993)
The Apocalypse Watch (1995)
The Prometheus Deception (2000)
The Sigma Protocol (2001)
The Janson (2002)
The TristanBetrayal (2003)
The Amber Alert (2005)
The Bancroft Strategy (2006)

Romance turned thriller writer Fern Michaels, author of biographies

Remote Mary Ruth Kovak was in Hastings, Pennsylvania, born April 3,1,933 thousand, Albert and Lucy Kovak. She says she was an avid reader at a young age. They especially enjoyed mysteries and adventure stories.

Fern Michaels is the pseudonym of Mary Ruth Kuczkir. She says that although Fern Michaels is not what it is, but what she does, she does not mind people calling them long distance. So, for simplicity, we call them from a distance.

Fern and her husband, Michael married in 1952 and had fiveChildren. After moving to New Jersey, decided with a friend, Roberta Anderson, trying to write their hand. That when he accepted and wrote under the pseudonym Fern Michaels.

Fern Michaels and Robert Anderson, co-written 26 novels. Remote divorced, split with Roberta and won the legal rights of Fern Michaels in 1989.

Telex then started her and what a prolific writer, he has. She says she has never had writer's block. Most of his novelsE 'written on the list of best-sellers in New York. She was admitted to the New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame in 1995.

Remote moved to South Carolina in 1997. She has several dogs and lives in a house renovated 300 years, is haunted plantation outside Charleston.

remote advice for aspiring writers: "Sit down and make him feel less, but also to all the faith in you and if you persevere, you will prevail I am living proof ....."

Remote based remote controlMichael founded in 1990. These companies benefit from tax-free each year, two scholarships to four-year scholarships to qualified students. Why understanding the fate of a single mother, has helped to open and accessible day care for single mothers in need.



Captive Passions (1977)
Captive Embraces (1979)
Captive Splendors (1980)
Captive Secrets (1981)

Texas Rich (1985)
Texas Heat (1986)
Texas Fury(1989)
Texas Sunrise (1993)
Texas Trilogy (omnibus) (1991)

Sins of Omission (1989)
Sins of the Flesh (1990)

Vegas Rich (1996)
Vegas Heat (1997)
Vegas Sunrise (1995)
Vegas Trilogy (omnibus) (2001)

Kentucky Rich (2001)
Kentucky Heat (2002)
Kentucky Sunrise (2002)

Weekend Warriors (2001)
Payback (2004)
Vendetta (2004)
The Jury (2005)
Sweet Revenge (2006)
Lethal Justice (2006)
Free Fall(2006)
Hide and Seek (2007)
Hokus Pokus (2007)
Fast Track (2008)
Collateral Damage (2008)
Final Justice (2008)
Under the Radar (2009)
Razor Sharp (2009)
Vanishing Act (2009)
Deadly Offer (2009)

Mp Place Like Home (2002)
Family Blessings (2004)

The Scoop (2009)

Stand Alone Novels
Pride and the Passion (1975)
Vixen in Velvet (1976)
Valentina (1978)
Delta Woman (1980)
Golden Lasso (1980)
Sea Gypsy(1980)
Captive Gypsy (1980)
Whisper My Name (1981)
Beyond Tomorrow (1981)
Paint Me Rainbows (1981)
Panda Bear is critical (1982)
Star Night (1982)
Wild Honey (1982)
Tender Warrior (1982)
All She Can Be (1983)
Free Spirit (1983)
Ashes to Ashes (1984)
For wine (1987)
All his life (1991)
Seasons of Her Life (1994)
To have and to hold (1994)
Desperate Measures (1994)
Serendipity (1994)
Dear Emily (1995)
Wish List(1995)
Yesterday (1995)
White Fire (1997)
Sara's Song (1998)
Finders Keepers (1998)
Celebration (1999)
Annie's Rainbow (1999)
Split Second (1999)
The guest list (2000)
Picture Perfect (2000)
What do you want to (2000)
Listen to Your Heart (2000)
Charming Lily (2001)
Plain Jane (2001)
The Future Scrolls (2001)
Late Bloomer (2002)
About Face (2003)
Trading Places (2003)
Crown Jewel (2003)
The Real Deal (2004)
A nearby Nosy(2005)
Pretty Woman (2005)
Fool me once (2006)
Hey, Good Looking (2006)
The Marriage Game (2007)
Up Close and Personal (12,007)
Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous (2009)
Betrayal (2009)
Return to Sender (2010)
Game Over (2010)