Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ed Viesturs

Ed Viesturs, one of my personal heroes, was the first American to climb all 14 8,000-meter summit of the world. He achieved this great success without the use of supplemental oxygen. Only those who are facing at altitudes above understanding human resources to fulfill this task.

And I identify with for two main reasons: 1) his work ethic and attitude on the mountain.

Countless times he sacrificed his own summit bid to save others.As Ed Viesturs climbs the mountain is just as important as his rise. And was a member of the IMAX team and one of the greatest heroes in the rescue attempt, which occurred in the infamous 1996 Everest disaster.

2) His philosophy of climbing.

When Ed Viesturs is set and the conditions are right, he goes for it. If the conditions are not, or which it considers an unacceptable risk of danger, he has the courage to back down and return to the tent. Sometimes frustratedothers around him, but he's not peer pressure can push him to climb a mountain, if you do not seem right.

In an article on his third attempt to summit Annapurna Veisten says:

Veikka and I approach this experiment the same way, we all have our other climbs. I am quite prepared to turn around and go home only when conditions are as risky as they were already tried in the past. I admit, quite motivated to reach my goal of climbing all 14 peaks, but will not acceptexcessive risks to do. No mountain, no summit is worth dying. I do it for fun, not because I have to. I do it for me and I'll do it my way.

Now it should be noted that Ed Viesturs [] this climb had already tried twice and both times backed out. This was the last peak of 8,000 meters before reaching its goal of summiting to conquer all 14 peaks was. Annapurna is the most dangerous anddifficult of all the peaks of 8,000 meters, with the possible exception of K2. He had already sought and received twice as much. team and chose a route that they over 26,000 meters, the zone of death, be required for a longer period. But this way they could have avoided the 'big mountain overlooking the anticipation of danger. Now in their summit bid, they came to a face ├╝berw├Ąchtet, "I do not feel just right." Ed Viesturs and Veikka has chosen to back down the mountain,but decided to climb two other partners, according to press forward. successfully in a surprising departure of these two has reached the summit. Some people see the name of Ed Viesturs and Veikka faint of heart, and received a huge amount of criticism. However, they do not falter, and offered no remorse. They had the courage and fortitude, despite peer pressure to move the tent ", although it's the last summit, and watch, despite worldwide.

Ed Viesturs said: "For me and the people who matter, myClimbing style is the style right. At the top is optional, but it is always down mandatory. "In climbing, not just only the tip of the mountain preserve. The aim should be to back up and go home. In business you plan to have for a rainy day. How can you reap the rewards of your hard work a buffer for the construction of your financial future.

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