Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why I left the Church by Jean K. Douglas

Why I left the church because I'm back, and how I could leave again: Memories of Growing Up African American and a Catholic, Jean K. Douglas is simply a wonderful book. It 's very warm, intelligent re-count, as an incredibly sensitive little girl grew up in the '1960-90' s in the Catholic Church as "the struggle for racial injustice, and navigate the waters of the women's movement."

To explain, Jean K. Douglas was born in 1957 (the same year as this bookExperts) in inner-city Detroit. 2 5 as the children born to a pair of inter-ethnic ostracized lived their part. His father left the family, his mother had mental problems and the times were all over the TA.

What I loved about this book was like Douglas reported on these turbulent years with their personal stories and observations, performed a study that paved the way for many books tend to do their documentation on the subject, but as a insider, "wasand still is.

book by Jean Douglas' gave me a very detailed overview of how the Catholic Church has taught church teachings on issues of integration, race relations and roles that men and women must be maintained.

I felt the pain of the author, his sense of conflict and their capabilities, all in a very concrete and understandable perspective.

The Catholic Church and religion seem to have always been and remains a large part of the life of Douglas' during a 10-year-old will beRange of absence. The church realized that Jean and his brothers from a very poor single-parent family. They provided the children with scholarships to go to private schools. Jean has worked after school and during the summer to pay for their books. Graduating in 1979, was the author of 'ear of his doctoral thesis in ancient history in 1992. She met her husband, Douglas Alexander, and married him a year later, in 1987. They have a son, Wesley.

Although the title of the book isthe impression that they can leave their faith for the last time, their religion is still a very important part of her life, she is then still very active in his church. She sings in the choir serves as editor for the catechist.

I must admit that when I saw the title, I thought: "Hmm, I read the woman's age, but I'm from S Southern California and raised in a middle-class Jewish family, I 'get' was?"

The answer: I did not just "get" the wrongI felt with every page I read my respect and admiration for them grows. I could not wait to get to the next chapter of what I was taught next.

Why I left the church ... Jean K. Douglas should be a must for the students, who want to read to become a teacher and students of psychology. And if it were me, deserves to become a bestseller.

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