Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mystic Development - the disease is accompanied

The achievement of American Indian shamans have a disease, a serious illness at times: it is a common thread in their biographies, as well as in the biographies of famous mystic saints. You do not become a shaman or a saint of illness, a part of your spiritual formation is a stage of development of common mortals, are always in progress. * It can be assumed that the disease comes first, and really, a person in a different mood, as ifyou have a fever for months that it is simply because a part of fate. * It can be assumed that the concentration of body awareness "out there" of the system and produces symptoms tribe happens to fit. * You can also hypothesize that diseases predispose a person to give spiritual consciousness, *, or even that the reorganization in the brain (when you start intense spirituality) generated indirectly diseases. Research in this speculation is unlikely. L 'Individuals in this section are not sick to begin with people, go through a period of discomfort and eventually pass out of it.

Plan for Life disorders of various types, how to turn off the main street of the collective consciousness on the spiritual path to go Expressway. She will always be someone else, while taking care of your normal working hours, who have enough to do. Plan, but also for the case forced downtime, like you, after all.

After the BabyBorn, you forget the pain.

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