Saturday, November 6, 2010

"My Days - A Memoir" by RK Narayan - inspiring autobiography

Memory, it is sometimes dry and boring, but not this, this autobiography was a surprisingly well written, the story interesting and stimulating life extraordinary Narayan and accidents. A simple change says, but so beautiful that you feel really see through the eyes and you can hear the environment. RKNarayan is a very famous Indian author who wrote many short stories and novels. His younger brother is a famous designer.

The story is abouton various aspects of life - love, fight, love for pets, take a daughter who communicate with souls, soulmates, spiritual meetings, and the real beauty is that they are all written in a simplistic believe it all and perhaps also ask how you would react, or have heard if you were in a similar situation. I'm sure many of us that identifies with the daily events in the book.

The beauty of this work is a simple narrative of the author, who is as freefluent and easy to follow, you get completely immersed in the book and finds it difficult to put after starting to read the account to have. In one case, nature is so well described that, after another world of mystical beauty of this area.

Reading the book one feels ill and pulled like Narayan is trying, with the death of his wife to get ready. You feel sorry for a man devastated. Then he finally finds a way to communicate with his psychicthe soul of a woman who has always been close to him to help him, guide him to come and deal with loss and life after her. This bit was a bit 'hard to believe for me, but then there are strange things done in the world.

This autobiography really inspired me a lot and makes me want to read any other novels by this author inspired by various phases of his life. Some of them are -. "The Bachelor of Arts, The Dark Room", "English teacher" and "Man talkative"He has a very useful brief account of what happened in his personal life, when he announced it will be interesting to these novels, the traces or derivatives of these events would have an impact read in the novel, in which he wrote. Another of his famous novel "Guide" was filmed in the early 70's and was becoming a huge commercial success of the film, the popularity and critical acclaim in this period.

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