Thursday, November 11, 2010

Diary of a mother - Let My Children Go! Wendy Titelman

A friend gave me this book and said. "When you are finished reading, call me and tell me what you think" When I started reading the first chapter, I had no idea how the theme would be intimate and difficult. As I kept reading, I found myself talking out loud and stop and lay down the book, can not in some places, the subject was very difficult to read.

I am the mother of a young daughter and could never imagine a time withoutthem. Through legal maneuvering, well-paid psychiatrist, representatives appointed by the court, and the latest tactic in divorce, with PAS or parental alienation syndrome, although physical evidence of molestation of children, lost custody of her children. The mother in this magazine has been jailed several times and has been permanently deprived of his parental rights, just for trying to protect their children from incest.

In 1980, a child psychiatrist by the name of Gardnerthe idea that the target parent, parents who hates the child, the custodial parent. The custodial parent should be deprived of parental care, because they can not control the feelings of the child, and a lack of affection that the child is in the direction of non-custodial parent may improve if the child and the parents concerned have the opportunity to repair their relationship through the community continues. This theory would be nice if it was not conclusive medical evidencethat a minor child has been deflowered, raped, sexually harassed, etc., by someone. In addition, the non-custodial parent, that the misconduct has been criticized, and he was the only one who had contact with the child, and had a tool that can do this type of damage, Dad. Why the child's return to the child molester?

This mother chronicles her journey through a bitter marriage, stepchildren rebel suspected of infidelity is not alone, but incest between her husband andStepdaughter.

Money is really the root of all evil, when it reversed the justice, and that man can acquire the right to sole custody in spite of having committed a heinous crime on the laws of this country.

There are no unsolved crimes with God's justice will prevail! The cry of the voice in the wilderness was heard over the centuries.

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