Monday, November 1, 2010

Life in Victorian London - The Victorian charm with the ritual of class and respectability

How was it really as a win? This is a very difficult question to answer because of their experience and what they experienced on the economic group or class of membership depended. income of a man was the deciding factor when it came to that kind of house would live, the food we had on his desk and the nature of his clothes. The Victorians considered a man or a woman's social status based on the type of clothes they wore.

Fascinated by the class, presented the Victorian respectability -live in it for a species that showed the proper respect for good manners and morals meant - everything. For decent person had a degree of financial independence they have, relying on charity or guilt has been a real bar certain respectability.

Children have learned their attention to "best" to swear not to treat the less fortunate in a polite manner. The poor are taught to obey the rich were expected women to their husbands and children to obey their parents. There waswidespread belief that people in any other "classes", a sort of right to respect and deference.

The Victorians believed that this showed outward signs of good practice that a person had personal inner virtue. Sorry, found many thieves and criminals trick very easy to fool people just talk and dress appropriately in order to disguise their true character and intentions.

The people at the lowest level of the social scale, it was more importanthow respectable, wanted to be better and when the thought of many poor families scraped and save a few cents per week, sickness or unemployment has happened to them and to avoid, was forced to ask for a good cause - was the 'he only way to get rated, self-esteem.

In London, the urban areas such as Whitechapel, the scene of "Jack the Ripper murders in 1880, or the places in Bethnal Green, who has lived and worked for most of the poor." Respectability "wasdetermined by the road or even on which side of the road lived.

Even in Victorian times, favors the rich, the fashionable West End, Mayfair and Belgravia - are the most sought after addresses, and Kensington was home to many politicians and businessmen. Bloomsbury put many writers, including Virginia Woolf. Back on the road, that a person lived was considered important when it came to evaluate their social position.

Family was at the heart of the VictorianThe life and family was the central figure of the father who must be respected and followed - the role of mothers has been the provider of comfort and love to be - although, many women find that the strain of life for the ideal of a perfect woman was both frustrating and repressive.

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