Sunday, November 7, 2010

Biography Book Review - Fred Smith and FedEx

The company most dramatic in the history of air cargo distribution is primarily FEDEX, as did the world upside down, thanks to the vision of its founders' of a hub and spoke distribution system for immediate delivery. Surprisingly enough, you should not ask, Fred Smith is the one who came up with this idea. And you will be surprised that his system was originally scheduled to deliver something else, money. This is serious money for the Federal Reserve System.

If you want toTo learn more about the history, such as Federal Express was so successful, and the unprecedented actions of the renegade beginning its founder, and please, let me tell you, the book is a must have for you or for any employer know. The book is called:

"Overnight success - Federal Express and Frederick Smith, It's Renegade Creator" by Vance Trimble; Book Crown Publishers, New York, NY. 1993rd ISBN: 0-517-58510-3.

The author, Mr. Vance TrimbleNo newcomer to writing biographies of business titans and giants, the company's business is changing the way we do, and everything we think we know the business, he also wrote "Sam Walton, founder Sam Walton's biography of Wal-Mart.

This is truly a beautiful book on how to get entrepreneurs to survive and as the first Smith who played the game at Full Tilt, all of which may from time to time, until finally build one of the mostCompanies in the business world today. Please note that you are buying and reading this book, or give as a gift to a business friend, as surely will thank you.

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