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Leadership and adversity - The design of the prominent leaders - leadership and how they identified

What is the best definition of leadership? I grew up in the 1950's and 1060's "baby boomers". When I was little, my idea or definition of what is leadership trainers consisted of a combination of roller sports models derived from dozens of biographies, including political and military leaders, captains of industry robber barons, e.

I read with great interest the biographies and autobiographies of the "titans of industry," with its incredible"Rags to riches" barons of the 19th and early 20th centuries, like Carnegie, DuPont, Edison, Ford, Goodyear, Huntington, Morgan, Stanford, Vanderbilt, as well as those of the magnates of the mid-20th century, as Watson (IBM) and Sloan (General Motors).

I avidly read political biographies of Winston Churchill, Jefferson Davis, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, George Washington and Woodrow Wilson. I devoured biographies of well-While the general military-to-life in the United States George Patton and Douglas MacArthur.

I, as an Eagle Scout, was mainly with the biography of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the British general who distinguished himself in South Africa Boer Wars, this man has the honor of the commandant of the British military to be, to take build the world Boy Scout movement.

I studied the current leaders in magazines, books, and lived asnew generation of business leaders were on television, including the Bass brothers, Henry Ford II, Howard Hughes, Lee Iacocca, J. Willard Marriott, H. Ross Perot and Sam Walton.

I enjoyed watching the great actors like Charlton Heston, Gregory Peck, George C. Scott, Jimmy Stewart, who brought to life the characters of Moses, Michelangelo, Douglas MacArthur, George Patton and fictional characters like "Mr. Smith" or "George Bailey." I watched and admired the success of coaches like JohnWooden and Vince Lombardi. They have trained well, build successful teams, but a true leader and builder of the young, because they have encouraged their players to become a whole person upright and true team effort, not just some outstanding basketball or football player.

All the biographies, magazine articles, presentations, film and television coverage of state and government have contributed to my leadership and my definition of exactly what mental model. Success storiesThe leader who has overcome adversity me an idea as simple as these leaders with the setbacks, the trauma of life, then success in spite of adversity overcome, obstacles and challenges.

s President John F. Kennedy 's life and his famous book (1956) provided profiles courageous leader. This book is the biographies of others gave me a real vision for the courage to succeed, no matter what the need and a strong leader. These stories may have subconsciously influencedmy interest in Horatio Alger-type stories.

Biographies, personal experience of over 30 years of management experience, and my doctoral studies in management have led, I believe that my choice misadventure argument focuses on leadership e. My reading of studies have provided insights into a process of refining my definition of leadership, as well as the lives of leaders, challenges overcome or dealt with adversity. These early influences formed the basis for my admiration for thisThe leaders who had managed to overcome the tragedy, despite adversity, or hardship.

Leadership is more than one word, is the act of driving. True enlightened "Leadership is leadership, showing the right example, the deep and genuine concern for those who lead, team building, and will have a clear idea of the task ahead.

In order to know my definition of leadership and impact to overcome adversity, I would like to add my personal opiniondetailed definition with a brief review of the literature on leadership and the classical definitions.

I will overcome in the literature also need to support and basis for examining the possible link between the emergency and overcome the obstacles overcome in the design and development of prominent personalities.

Leadership and as identified by scientists and the world

There is no precise definition of fact and final leadership.Rost (1991) presented the idea of "leadership to define," also stressed that there is still no real agreement on what leadership is (p. 6).

The "word for lead, as a verb, comes from the Old English word or leden loedan. Some have attributed different meanings of" lead "word" to go "," open the road "or" cause. "

The university's well known and respected scholars, scientists and phenomenologist van Manen (1991) provide a more practical definition is that"Driving is to go first, and going before you can trust me because I tested the ice" (p. 38). Cronin (1980) offered a simple and clear definition of when he said that the leadership skills to pass, things that are not otherwise have happened, "as (p. 372) can be defined.

Leadership means that some cables, ducts, directs, or someone else order something else. Leadership has many kinds: Situational Leadership, Transformational Leadership,Servant Leadership, Principal Centered Leadership, Management Command, Control, and many other species. Each type has a distinct and different definition, a definition of leadership does not fit all kinds.

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