Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Autobiography Book Review - Dave Thomas - founder of Wendy's Hamburger

You were the man sitting in a restaurant, a Wendy's hamburger and enjoy your meal, wow, what a great hamburger joint, the food is good, crisp salads, people are polite and did not even really thought about cost so much? If so, are one of the 100s of millions of Americans who are Wendy's has successfully helped. Of course there is a man, a dedicated and fearless leader, it all started and was the driving force behind this success.

Perhaps you would like to know more about him and hisThe secret of success? If so, let me recommend a great autobiography to you from the man himself. The book is called:

"Well done" Autobiography of Dave Thomas (David A. Thomas), the founder of Wendy's hamburger chain, with the author, Ron Beyma. Zondervan Publishing Company Inc., Grand Rapids, MI. 1994th ISBN: 0-310-48000-0.

Mr. Dave Thomas is a class act, who has dedicated this book of loving wife and family, and gave all the proceeds of its foundation;The Dave Thomas Foundation. But this only helps to describe who he was and why his legacy lives on. He speaks of his faith, about discipline, hard work and integrity in the first part of the book.

In the second part of the book the reader about what it takes to take care of people, build a team and get to support your team as a family firm. In Part III, we learn about creativity, leadership and motivation, some of the key to its success. In the last chaptersdiscussion of responsibility, strength of character, courage and generosity. In fact, he was every bit a man who walked his talk. So please consider this.

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